"Show Week" at Gymnastics!

Ada and Dax both had their last week of gymnastics (and dance) this week- Ada will begin the summer session next week, but Dax is going to take a little break from his gym career.  It is just too difficult to do the mommy-and-me class with Tate strapped to me (halfway falling out half the time, and has missed being kicked in the head a handful of times, too).  Dax loves getting in there and playing on the gymnastics equipment, but that's just it- he'd rather PLAY than get anything out of the class.  So, we will see if he would like to give it another shot in the fall, or when he turns 3 and can waste his teacher's time instead of mommy's!  :)

I'll start with Ada's "Show Week"- her dance recital is tomorrow, so this is all gymnastics!  I did video her practicing her dances one last time though. :)

She was so proud of her "front support"- I was too! :)

Piddling around doing some flips -

Team work on the balance beam-

And here are the videos of Ada's class.  The videos of her dances are hilarious- b/c it's just a 3 ring circus in the background with Dax.

And now for the 3 ring circus that was Dax's Show Week!  We got there and Tate was screaming bloody murder, so this is Ms. Christine trying to convince Dax to come in and get started while I tried to nurse Tate into submission....
 Dax's favorite activity- playing on the "hot dog"- he does this about 25% of the class usually; and I let him.

 Ada hanging out during Dax's last class- there were other siblings there so I let her come in too. :)

 Sweet Tate, always just along for the ride. 

 Dax really outdid himself on the bars this week.  He climbed those stairs back there, JUMPED to the higher bar from the lower one, CAUGHT the bar and swung himself forcefully back and forth, and then FLUNG his body off, intentionally landing on his face.  Wow.  Thank goodness Ms. Tasha was standing right there to ensure his safety! ;)  (Pictures didn't upload in order and I'm in too much of a hurry to go back and fix it)

Here's a video of him doing it calmly before it got all crazy and daring!

Acting like a puppy while going up to the podium to accept his medal for his year in the "Beasts" class.

 Never once made a straight face for me!
And, the cluster of the class picture!  I just had to include all of them because Dax is cracking me up in every one-

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