Tate- 3 Months

OMG he's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Softest thing I've ever held. Yummiest thing I've ever smelled. And he's all mine!!!

New this month- laughing (a few of these pictures he's chuckling in!), grabbing things on purpose (at least trying to), kicking things on purpose, some serious tummy time moves with a little leg movement to scooch him along (seriously?? Can't that wait a few months??), sleeping through the night (!!!!! But knock on wood, it's only been a week), and still flipping over like a mad man from tummy to back (now adding a glee squeal at the end for good measure). 

I really want to lunge forward.
This isn't too bad.
Back to propped up

Laughing his big boy laugh :)

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