4th of July!!

Omg this was the BEST 4th of July EVER!!!! Casey took off the Friday after the 4th so we had 4 full FUN days! Lots of swimming, grilling out, and even 2 fireworks shows!

Daddy and Tate firing up the grill earlyThursday morning to smoke some ribs- 
Swimming! Love Tate's wetsuit papoose :)

Here are some videos of the kids swimming- they are such little fish!
Dax jumping in-

Dax and Ada swimming (I love Dax in the background during Ada's segment)-

Mommy and TayTay hanging in the shade while the Bigs and Daddy play in the sun-

Dax jumping in the big pool - this kid has zero fear.

There was a sno cone truck parked outside of the pool when we were leaving. DUH we stopped!
Picking their flavors-
Tiger's Blood was a hit! 

Driving in the Camaro, wasting time until it was dark enough for the fireworks show!
Casey took the kids down to the culdesac to watch the show from a distance- we are SO going next year. It was awesome! Our neighbors shared their sparklers with the kids afterwards- scary for mama, fun for everyone else! 

THEN the next day we made the trek to Moody Gardens!!! They were having a "Band in the Sand" event with another fireworks show. Why not!?

Checking out the Dino exhibit-
"Show me your scared faces!!!"-
4D Wizard of Oz!
"YEAH! for butterflies!"-
That's a huge bat and a sloth, just hanging out in the trees above us!
That's Dax's blue sleeve- he wanted to grab a butterfly so bad. It was really throwing a wrench in Ada's calm, graceful attempts to let one land on her.
Palm Beach!!!!! Lots of swimming and jamming out to the band, then the fireworks show. My phone died so I didn't get a ton of pictures. The one of Dax clapping is actually of him serving a time out for throwing sand, ha!

Saturday we swam at Chris and Jenica's with all of the neighbors- so fun! This is the only picture I took-

Sunday mommy and daddy made the executive decision to take it totally easy and relax a little! What a happy, happy stay-cation!

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