My Little Fishies

We have been swimming a ton lately! 
Most of the time (at least twice a week) we head to Grams and Papa's to swim while Papa hangs with Tate inside- he typically ends up feeding the kids for me and if Grams is home she even bathes them for me! It's a miracle I don't pester them more often- ha! 
Yesterday MorMor came over and stayed with Tate at home in the air conditioning while I took the Bigs to the AWESOME Bridgeland pool for swimming and a picnic. We had SUCH a great time- and 2 kids seemed like a total cakewalk!! Here are some random pictures of our swimming days-

Trying to catch a lizard at Grams and Papas- I don't have any more pictures of us swimming there recently, but catch a video at the bottom of the post :)
This is us at the Bridgeland pool yesterday- such a fun day!

I actually had the chance to SIT DOWN in a LAWN CHAIR at the pool yesterday!!! 
This is Tate trying to sit like a big boy in his Sweetish Baby anchor shirt! Missed him while we were gone yesterday morning :)

And one more video of Dax's swimming skillz- "elbow elbow, tummy tummy!"-

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