Ada-Piano Camp!!

Grams and Papa have been SO generous and helped us put Ada in a ton of camps this summer to explore what she's into!!! She loves dance- but I thought she might be old enough to kind of test other interests out and see if its something she might like to pursue later on. So far she's had art camp, she's in piano camp this week, and next month she has drama camp (she's SUPER excited about that one!!). She loves the weeks she has camp. She just seems so happy and calm for the rest of the day afterwards. Here are some cute pictures :)

Art Camp- she loved incorporating her different senses each day to create art. My favorite day was the day she made pottery; her favorite day was the day hey made sculptures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. She made a caterpillar, which she promptly ate when we got home. :)
Piano Camp- we've just had 1 day, but she's being a great listener and agreed to practice on her new keyboard for about 15 min yesterday afternoon! So far her biggest challenge is understanding the tempo and beat :)

Gosh I love her!

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