Dax the Elusive Climber

Dax isn't necessarily what I'd call a compulsive or obsessive climber... I've never caught him swinging from the ceiling fans or on top of the fridge or anything (knock on wood).  But he is lightning fast and super elusive. 

Top shelf of the playroom closet for the markers? Check.

Pretty much every shelf and table in the playroom? Check.

The back of his big comfy chair in his room to pull the shades up and spy on people at nap time? Check. 

Scaling the foot board of his bed to get to the top bunk when I have purposely left the ladder off? Check.

So I put the ladder on immediately to convince him to at least climb it safely..

And the latest from 6:45 this morning. Use your motorcycle to crawl on to the kitchen to feed the fish? Check.

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