Yet Another Swimming Post!

I know I've posted a THOUSAND pictures and videos of the kids at various pools lately. It IS summer- cut me a break!  BUT- the kids did so great today I had to post about it!  They are both so close to swimming by themselves.  Just check out the videos at the end of the post!  So so proud of them. :)

Dax is obsessed with puttering around with his head underwater- this kid is going to have lungs like Michael Phelps by the end of the summer. 

 OH LOOK AT ADA'S FACE in this picture.  I ADORE HER.  The other little girl is their sweet Australian friend Beau.  Dax had a blast trying to swim like her!
 Ada chillin under the umbrella on "Ada's Pad" in mommy's sunglasses. :)

And now for my favorite part, videos!

Dax swimming under water (he has his floaties on in this one), and "doing the butterly"-

Dax diving for his goggles and swimming to the stairs (NO floaties!)-

Dax and Ada both swimming without their floaties!  Please excuse the altercation between Mommy and Dax- Dax was running on no nap and 2 hours of swimming! LOL!

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