Tate's First Meal!

I finally fed Tate some big boy food!!! With the others I began them right at 4 mos to take some of the pressure off of me to pump so much milk to send to daycare- so I knew with Tate I'd wait until closer to the rear end of the food-introduction recommendation :) Just because I can!!! 
He got steamed/puréed sweet potatoes with some baby rice cereal and freshly squeezed breast milk. Yeah, you read that right. The kids had a hay day watching me do that. I even squirted them a few times for good measure. Ada said I was "just like a cow!!!"- she has no idea how often I feel like that myself!!
Anyway, back to Tate and his first meal. He loved it!!! He grabbed the spoon and kept shoving it at his mouth (face)- and would cry in between every bite because I wasn't going fast enough!! Here are some pics of my big 5.5 month old!!

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