Tate- 6 months

Wow- this is a week overdue.  The good news is that I DID take these pictures and videos on his 6 month birthday, just took me 7 extra days to upload them all!  

Anyway.  HOW.IS.HE.6.MONTHS.OLD!?!?!?!?  It makes me sooo sad to think that the next 6 months will probably speed past just as quickly as the first 6 have.  I SWEAR I was just holding a 3 week old widdle guy- I blink and he's crawling and sitting and eating food and carrying on conversations like he knows what everyone is saying!  (Which is SUPER CUTE by the way.  He does it best with me and Ada.)  

He and Dax are also becoming better buddies (you know Ada's been his mother hen and BFF since day one).  Tate thinks Dax is a real hoot- and Dax enjoys putting on a show for him.  And Dax has been a SUPER big brother.  Not getting too mad if Tate grabs toys or bites or whatever.  He seems to comprehend Tate is a (super duper cute) baby.  Not an equal.  YET.  :)

So here are our few pictures I snapped of our 6 month photoshoot.  One picture even remotely resembles a 6 month photoshoot.  The rest are of Tate crawling around, chasing Dax, eating his sticker, etc!

 Peace out. mama!  You can't make me stay, now!

And here's another video of Tate crawling.  He's getting more efficient and coordinated by the day  (it's hard to coordinate those 4 appendages!  Plus he gets distracted easily and ends up crawling in a circle, ha!)- and in the last week he has pretty much become a master crawler.  I find him all over the place.  He is SO MUCH HAPPIER being able to explore, too.  He's been waiting his whole life to have this freedom! 

UPDATE: I found these videos below that I took of him at exactly 5.5 months- Have I uploaded these to the blog yet?  If so, you get double the viewing pleasure :)  Look how hard he was working!  Look how cute he is :)

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