Tate -7 months (+1 week)

Hhhhoooowwwww is he 7 months!?!? He's on the last half of year one. It's going too fast. 

He's got 4 teeth, and two more top ones are actually breaking through as we speak. He crawls like a maniac, typically on the hunt for outlets and cords. He's found the stairs and attempts to climb them but remains unsuccessful.... For now. He pulls up on anything he can, and just recently begun scaling up and down things long enough to walk on.  He LOVES to bang things together and on different surfaces- you can tell he gets very proud when he's able to produce a new sound. No babbling consonants yet, but continues to experiment lots with decibel, tone, and  range. He will carry on an entire conversation in screeches. :)

Not crazy about solids- so I usually just put something on his tray and let him play. He got moved to his nursery a few weeks ago and is doing great! I'll post finished decorated pictures when I cruelly finish decorating it :) I'll post a few sneak peaks here. Here is his 7 month (+1 week) photoshoot!

So I tried my hand at making his crib bumper. I didn't necessarily save any money by doing this (cute fabric is NOT CHEAP)- but I got EXACTLY what I wanted. So neutral gain :) I did a decent job. I don't like measuring and numbers so I don't do it. Which sounds disastrous but I make it work. :) 

This Noah's ark lamp was in Dax's nursery when he had a safari room- I painted it white and recovered his lamp shade! And monogrammed it for fun.
And his curtains. I couldn't find the exact navy and white striped fabric I had envisioned... But I DID find it in the form of a shower curtain!!! So I bought 2 ($10 each on sale!!!), flipped over the top and sewed a curtain rod pocket,  and extended it with a little pop of green. Again, no measuring. I'm lucky it all matched up- they actually turned out REALLY awesome. 
And I found this picture of him in action on the stairs while I was searching for pictures of his room- might as well just end with this! 

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