Awesome Day Photo Dump!

Ooohhhhh we had an awesome day!! I ran to Wal Mart to grab some calamine lotion for Dax (world's lowest threshold for mosquito bite itching)- and we walked out with a NEW BIKE for Ada! I know, I know, we should've waited until Christmas 2.5 mos away- but she hasn't had a bike in 1+ years, and she hasn't had a bike she can actually ride EVER!! So when she hopped on this big kid bike and cruised around the store like no big deal, I was sold. (We LOVE to take our scooters and big wheels to the park- and I've been wishing she had a bike to ride) We pulled out Dax's red trike (how is he already almost too big for his!?!? Looks like I might be making another bike purchase next month!), packed a quick picnic dinner, and headed to the park where we played our hearts out until dusk. Autumn is here, and I'm SO HAPPY!

Riding through Wal Mart-

There she goes!
I absolutely love going to the park with them.

Of course Dax immediately found ramps to speed down on his trike-

OMG love-
Proud girl! She is a total pro- taking sharp turns, busting u-turns, falling off and getting right back on! 
Can't forget about the happy baby on the swing!!

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