Tate- 8 months

OK I'm wwwaaaayyy late in posting this monthly photoshoot update!!  I did however take the pictures on time- just haven't uploaded them and blogged about it!  So-- here's Tate at 8 months, 2+ weeks after his photoshoot.  I absolutely adore this little boy.  More everyday.  
He's getting to be quite the silly jokester.  He seems to think more subtle things are funny.  Not so slapstick like his big brother and sister, maybe?  Right around his 8 month birthday he began waving and "clapping"- you'll see the progression of his clap in the 2 videos at the bottom of this post.  Super cute.  (Now 2 weeks later he's working on blowing kisses- I can't WAIT for him to get that one down!) 
He's got 8 teeth and they are pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. 
He's showing interest in letting go of whatever he's holding on to- I'm not sure how long I have until he's walking, but I hope a few months still at least.  I am NOT READY to give up my crawling baby!  Speaking of crawling, the kid can make it halfway up the stairs in about 2 seconds flat. So that's a workout. 
He's coming around on the whole eating solids thing.  He wasn't sure about it at first, but LOVES them now, and gets cranky quick when his cheerios are all gone at mealtime!
Speaking of mealtime, we're working on baby signs.  And he seems to understand "more" and "all done" with some attempts at making the sign.  I vaguely remember Dax doing the same thing for "more" at first- banging on his tray! :)  He is pretty good at "all done"- especially if I do it first, he will return the gesture if he is in fact, all done.
Here is this sweet boy at 8 months- it gets more and more difficult with each passing month to get a good photoshoot in!

And videos of "If You're Happy and You Know It" with Tay-Tay-
This first one he is doing a spectacular with a "one-handed clap"- also known as pounding ;)

And this one he finally has his midline clap down, but he's not in such a happy-and-you-know-it kinda mood so I don't get much out of him! 

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