Halloween 2013

What a wonderful Halloween!!!! We had adorable Halloween decorations in our yard, had a block Halloween carnival in the culdesac, and trick or treated with a million kids in adorable costumes to the best neighbors ever! 

Ada was Elphaba from her favorite show Wicked. Dax was a precious robot (we searched high and low for a "wed wobot" costume- but he finally gave in and accepted silver was all there was), and Tate was a box of Tater Tots!!! And of course I had to be a Sonic carhop carrying around that large order of tots! Daddy just went as himself!  

I didn't get any good pics of the kids trick or treating- it was dark and a huge cluster, but you get the point!!!

Every neighbor was in charge of bringing a game for our culdesac carnival- here's the Dowell's!
Ada in her last minute special shirt headed to school on Halloween day!
Tater Tots!


Eating his apple from bobbing for apples (which he just stuck his hand in and grabbed) and trying to pop a balloon for some prizes-
Sonic carhop and her order of tater tots-
Waiting in line for the bucket toss-

Trick or treat!!

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