Mud Room Update

We are so lucky that this little "mud room" came with our house. I would have never been able to pull off the mud rooms you see on Pinterest. People amaze me!!! Anyway- our mud room had 2 hooks. There are 5 people in our family. That have purses, backpacks, dance bags, coats, sweaters, bathing suits, towels, etc. All for 2 measley hooks! Not working- our mud room was more cluttered that peoples homes that don't have mud rooms. So I added some hooks, and wanted to dress it up! Here is what I did, in pictures: 
What I started with- 8x10 chalkboards (Amazon), and $12 frames from Target (glass and matts removed). The chalkboards were gray, and had an annoying border on them. So I painted them with more chalkboard paint, and popped the borders off (so they'd attach behind the frame without causing issues with hanging them). The borders were easy to pop off- probably not a pro most of the time, but for today it was great! 
I also had to paint the frames gold. Like, HAD TO.
The paints I used were:
Finished with step 1!
Step 2- glue the chalkboard to the frame. I used "gorilla glue" bc it's what we had on hand. Kind of annoying bc it dries white so you can see the seepage on the front of the chalkboard- but whatever. Then place them upside down to dry with something heavy on top. We used training skates :) (I left the open space to leave room for hooks- my wall space wasn't long enough for the frames and hooks underneath!)
This was the best before picture I could get. Before pictures aren't my forte. Usually I remember mid-project.
And after!! Love it! 
Got the hooks at Target- $6 for each "rack":

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