Tate 10 months

My punkin is 10 months old!! It really hit home how close he is to turning 1 this month, since it's time to begin planning his party. Big. Fat. Tear. :( He just gets more adorable and lovable each month- how's that possible? Now he's beginning to let go of things and stand alone for a minute, he's a seriously fast crawler- I love how he puts his head down in determination when he wants to put it into turbo speed, he's sitting still for story time at night which I love, he does the motions to "Happy and You Know It" for the hands, feet, and belly parts, and he's added monkey and occasionally cat sounds to his animal noises repertoire. He plays peek-a-boo. And holy cow is he a good eater. Last night he ate an Ada-sized bowl of chili, 1/4c cantaloupe, 1/2 large has avocado, and 4 sweet potato fries. And a mum mum. He's so fun to be around- he just adores his family and wants to be around us all the time. And we feel the same way!! He's a wonderful blessing of a baby. I'm so glad he's mine. 

Photo shoots are increasingly difficult these days.... This is all I got :)

This is one of Tate's toys he got from Santa.  I'm not sure if this is how it's intended to be played with… but whatever floats his boat!  Or moves his house…

And I just found this video of Tate at Santa's Wonderland over Christmas- he's jamming out to a  band of cowboys with beards and bellies just like Santa's!

And lastly- I got a new camera!  More on that in a minute- but here's a photo of Tate's glutton-fest I mentioned last night:

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