Dax's 2nd Birthday!

(sorry for posting this random post!!  I'm busy trying to move some of my old posts onto a new blog for more public viewing, and wanted to remove this one from it's original link- but didn't want to delete it completely, obviously!!  I'll post the new blog soon!)
I cannot believe that Dax is TWO YEARS OLD!!!!  He is so precious, spunky, smart, funny, busy, creative, and cute that it makes my heart almost pop.  Although he has feisty streaks, this kid has the biggest heart and sweetest soul I've ever seen!  I am so lucky to be his mommy.

How has it been two years since he was this little!?
Dax- 5 weeks old
And one year since his First Birthday Monster Bash!?!?!

Here are some pictures of Dax's birthday and Construction Party yesterday.  He had a blast, and really realized that it was HIS day when we all sang "Happy Birthday" around him and his TRUCK cake!  :) We have the world's greatest family, friends, and neighbors- who all showed up, had a blast, and brought amazing gifts for Dax AND Tate!  We are so blessed and lucky and spoiled.  :)

The bouncehouse people dropped the Monster Truck MoonWalk off nice and early- so the kids could be tortured all day waiting to go outside and play in it!! 
(The backyard got REALLY muddy somehow the night before so they had to stay inside or in the front yard all morning- I was devastated and hormonal, but Casey, MiMi and Steve saved the day by thinking of getting mulch to cover up the mud.  Not the most beautiful backyard, but it got the job done!  And kind of went with the party theme, ha!)

Dax getting his birthday presents when he woke up!  He was so excited, and totally didn't understand why he was being showered with gifts!

Getting ready for the party!

The party favors!

Dax is ALWAYS happy in Uncle Lu's arms!

The amazing cake made by MorMor!!!

 Tate even got in on the construction spirit!  :)

The cake demo!  Later Dax grabbed himself a fork and dug in.  I couldn't get a picture fast enough- but hey, it's his party!

The food table was really cute, but I didn't get a picture of it.  Oh well!

So happy in the bouncehouse!

Love this picture- Dax is body slamming himself!

His construction sign "2" shirt made by mommy :)

Tate and MiMi hanging out after the party!  

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