Library Group

We are enjoying summer thus far!!! Yesterday we met Caitlin (my friend from school) and her daughter Olivia ("Lalala" according to Ada) at the Katy Library for Library Group!! There was lots of singing, dancing, coloring, and a grand total of 2 stories. Ada was hilarious- if she was unfamiliar with the song and dance, she made up her own moves. She did not sit down once during storytime... she stood, bounced, clapped, and wandered around getting better looks of the other children's faces. Here are a few pictures of Ada and Olivia!!

Coloring a picture about the train story that was just read- that Ada heard none of!!!
Creating her own choreography for this one...
God, I LOVE this girl!!!!
"Down came the rain and WASHED the spider out!"... even if you look closely, all of the other children are doing the chicken dance....

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jborgman said...

oh my my. I have not laughed that hard in a long time! She is just too precious!