I threw Casey a surprise-ish birthday dinner at Cadillac Bar this weekend! A few things led up to him interrogating me, and me spilling the beans- but only partially... I begged him to quit asking questions so I didn't have to reveal anymore! (I'm the world's WORST liar!) So, he knew something was happening, and some people were going to be there- but that's about it!!

About 20 of our closest friends (a few that didn't make it! Sad face.) met us there to celebrate his LAST birthday in his 20s... he'll be THIRTY next year! I still haven't purchased a new memory card for my camera, and there are no more pictures that I will cave and delete... so Katy Schilhab was kind enough to share a few of her shots of the night with me!! (THANK YOU KATY!!) So, if you were there and I didn't get a good picture of you, I'm so sorry!! I'm a terrible hostess... But I did break up the $600 tab for everyone. (I had to pull the Mommy card out a few times with John! LOL!)
Birthday balloons- thank you again, Katy!! :)
The three stooges: Blake, Brent, and Casey
The three stooges's wives: Alicia, Katy, and Laura
Happy Birthday noise...

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