...means Grandmother in Swedish. And my grandma is Swedish. So when Ada came along, we decided to dub her MorMor, to avoid confusion with too many Grandmas running around.. as well as an excuse to further embrace our Swedish heritage. Which the Mobley girls looooove to do. We know nursery rhymes in Swedish (they're adorable!), we collect Dala horses, we occasionally make Swedish meatballs and/or rice pudding, and we are all very blonde and tan easily (well, MorMor is a dark Swede- look up the history of it if you're interested. Something to do with African Moors. I digress- she's not blonde.)

Anywho, for her wedding she and my grandpa (BawBaw! A whoooole other post. One of my favorite people ever to walk the earth.) received Swedish china and crystal as a gift... and yours truly just got it as a little early inheritance teaser! (I think MorMor is just doing some spring cleaning). It's been sitting in the front room for weeks now as I contemplate the perfect way to display it... and I finally got around to executing my plan today during Ada's nap! Here it is:
The following sayings are on the plates/cups/mugs/signs:
Var Sa God= There You Go
Kaffetaren den basta ar av alla jordiska drycker= Coffee is the best of all earthly drinks (from an old swedish song called "Kaffevisan," or "The Coffee Song." Very fitting for MorMor. And myself... self proclaimed coffee addicts.)
Valkommen = Welcome
While I'm at it, let's talk about more fabulous items MorMor has handed down to me:
This is a birdseye maple dresser from her parent's house, circa 1930s-1940s. (Art deco era, my FAVORITE! I need to post pictures of our wedding reception facility!) Birdseye maple vanity- this is my Aunt Andrea's, but for some reason I got it. Oh, the joys of being the firstborn grandchild!
And now, other reasons why I am clearly Swedish:
If Swedish Fish are available, I will buy them and eat the entire jumbo sized box.
I could decorate my entire house in Ikea.
I have a skinny nose and extremley cold appendages. I'm sure this has something to do with my Scandinavian genetics. How's that for random? :)


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I love that your on summer break and your doing all these postings! Its so fun! I get Dowell updates and since I'm not on Facebook anymore I love it!!!
I wish I was Sweedish and tanned easily. Instead I am Irish... nasty,ash,dirty poop blonde hair and freckly white skin that wont tan unless I spend a whole summer trying and even then not so much.
:-) But I do have a thing for potatoes. hehe

Mor Mor is so sweet. She seems like such an awesome greatgrandma/grandma/mom. Enjoy every second of her!

Can I get an award for the longest comment ever posted on a blog?!?!?!?

Brent, Katy and Mia said...

and I meant to say that I love your new inherited plates! They look AWESOME!!!!!!!