A Toy Story

A little background: Ada skipped her nap yesterday, and the result was catastrophic beginning about 3:30 (videos to come). Too much fun (swimming, playing outside, MiMi in general) and not enough rest. So I managed to get some dinner in her belly and bath her well enough to wash the oily sunscreen and grime off of her- and down she went to bed about 5pm. To wake up again at 11:30 pm. She wasn't going back to sleep so I brought her in bed with me (Casey was still awake composing an email for a potential account...poor guy!) and we watched A Toy Story that I'd DVR'd from the Disney Channel.

Ada. Was. HOOKED.

She giggled. She said things like "uh oh," "he fall," "why??"... and asked things like what happened? where did he go? (in her own little way, of course!).... and narrarated the entire film. Barbies had a dance number in a toy store and Ada hopped up and bopped around with them. She snuggled with me on "scary" parts. It was the most adorable 1.5 hours of my life- and I cannot wait to take her to A Toy Story 3 coming out THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Ok your the coolest mom ever. I would have made my child go straight back to sleep like an old grumpy person!!!!
Have you shown her Cinderella yet?!?!?
I love those sweet moments.. sounds so adorable!