Party at Ada's House!

Ada had some girlfriends over today! Actually, Mommy had some girlfriends over who happen to have daughters all within 4 months of Ada... so it worked out perfectly! Here are some adorable pictures of the babes playing their hearts out!

Starting the day with Ada's favorite lunch: chicken nuggets, homemade sweet potato fries, and fruit. In fact, she loves it so much she stayed back after the other two went to the pool and polished off their leftovers..... classy! (From left to right: Ada, Olivia Atlee, and Rory Klemach's arm!)
Swimming in the whale pool! Check out Rory's form on the slide!
Olivia and Rory had more fun in the pool than Ada. She was more interested in dancing to the children's music in the shade (and eating more of their nuggets) than swimming...
Olivia was really into the bubble machine!
Playing with Play-Doh and cookie cutters!
Chubby hands.
Ada made a green star. (Olivia made a hot pink apple, and Rory made a blue elephant.)
Olivia ALSO was really into the undiluted juice...
She thought she was sipping on this one on the sly- she kept looking at Caitlin out of the corner of her eyes to be sure she wasn't catching her! Even though we were all watching her and cracking up....
Olivia went home to take her nap, and Rory came inside to read a few (understatement) books.
...and watch a little Elmo! (Ada on the floor with Beazy, Rory in the chair)
Sara is loading up the car, and Ada was babysitting Reece.
Ada and Rory keeping Reece company!
And, can I just say, that I was a little concerned about this whole sharing thing for Ada... she does GREAT at other's homes, but she can be a little possessive of her own toys, and learned the word "mine" last week (which I DESPISE... trying to break that habit pronto. Might be impossible, but I will die trying.)... and she did SUCH a good job sharing! I was so proud of her and told her so a million times. I was probably really obnoxious about it, but I need to keep reinforcing the GOOD things!!!
So, now Ada is zonked out- and I am already looking forward to next week's play date with these adorable girls!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Ok, remember the comment you left on my blog?!!?!? I feel the same way! I wish we lived right next to eachother and the girls (both sets :-)) could play every single day. Imagine the trouble we could get into...
But, this does look like fun girl time! I love that Ada finished the other girls plates off... this actually made me laugh out loud -- so funny.