"Nasties" Part II- The Little Gym

As you read in the previous post, we weren't thrilled with Westwood Gymnastics. We are going to give it another try (a month's worth!)... but we tried out The Little Gym today as a backup for the rest of the summer... and we LOVED it! It was much more conducive to toddler-like behavior. In fact, the first thing the receptionist said to me was "they will want to wander and explore, and that is perfectly normal and expected!" I wanted to kiss her through the phone.

Ada was more open to participating with the group because children's music was blaring, the parents were all acting like idiots with the teacher, and there were many more fun gadgets (like bells, balls, bubbles, and huge umbrellas!). For some reason, Ada is not keen on forming a relationship with the class teacher- anywhere we go. Swimming lessons, Westwood gymnastics, and now Little Gym. She loses it... which is interesting because she is teacher's pet at school! She just needs some time to warm up to some people, I guess? (You'd never guess it by the way she'll strike up a conversation with a steel post when we're out and about!) Here are a few pictures of "nasties" attempt #2!
Lots of climbing and hopping and jumping...
Made it to the top!
Balance Beam! (She comes by this naturally- MiMi was a balance beamer!) Can you tell she does NOT want my assistance??
Finally let me hold her hand... off she darts!
Going for the taller beam. She loved it!
Bubbles at the end of class!
I love this girl.

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

My favorite part of your "Nasties" posts are looking at her adorable gym outfits. :-)
This looks like so much fun!

Her hair is really coming in! Look at that hair!