We started Gymnastics yesterday- or "nasties" as Ada calls them!! She was totally pumped up, and had been dying to wear her custom leotard since we jazzed it up weeks ago!! Although we weren't totally crazy about the first class- we are going to try it for the rest of the month, and then join The Little Gym if we still aren't thrilled with Westwood. (It's a competition gym in Katy, and it was a little snooty/stage-momish/high profile for The Bug and me...but we'll see! I'll keep you updated!) Here are some pictures! (Although the teacher kind of stressed her out a bit, she had a blast when she was allowed to wander and explore on her own!)
Watching the clock, ready to go!
Patiently waiting for our class to start- this took all of her strength and self control! Such a good girl.
Hitting up the trampoline the minute we were allowed onto the floor.
The kid in green behind Ada is actually grabbing her leotard, and she is screaming. Oops!
Jumping in/climbing out of the foam pit... Look at those frog legs!
Must... reach....random gorilla.....
Ada sure does appreciate a good slide!
Must... climb back up.... the way... I came down!

Then, afterwards, we piddled on over to Rory Klemach's house! We had an indoor playdate because the weather was being fickle. I think we are going to start doing this weekly, and switching off where we play each time. Fun! We can't wait to have the girls over to our house to play in our fresh backyard!!! :)

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