Uncle Drew's Apartment

We made a trip to visit Uncle Drew and see his new apartment yesterday- ie: take him grocery shopping, bring him frozen meals and random items, and take him out to dinner! Ada was such a good girl, and had a blast! She has also officially embraced the idea that MiMi= good guy, Mommy= bad guy. AWESOME.

Drew was still in class when we rolled into town, so we stopped by the good 'ole Post Oak Mall to waste some time first.
I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!
MiMi, I cannot window shop at this fast pace.
Hold my hands, girls.
Ada got a new purse at Claire's- she's pretty into handbags and hearts, these days.

Then we met Drew at his new place! SCARY...
MiMi and Drew in his living room- no qualms about hiding the beer pong set up, apparently!
Ada was far too interested in the white game controllers to be posing for any pictures...
On our way out- Sad face. (Only to return minutes later with Charmin- we had accidentally purchased paper towels instead of toilet paper, and Drew said that will NOT do!)

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