Turnin' Two at the Zoo!

My baby girl is not a baby anymore!!! She turned TWO on Saturday, and we celebrated the entire weekend- but the grand finale was her party at the zoo on Sunday!! Before I get to the pictures- here are the most adorable things about her at 2 years old:
-She's 25th percentile weight, and 90th percentile height.
-She LOOOOVES school at Tigerland- and we LLLOOOOVE her teachers!
-She's really into animals, what type of environment they live in, and of course the sounds they make. (Hence the zoo party!)
-She made up a game where she finds as many shapes as she can in the "real world." She gets especially proud when she spots an oval or triangle.
-She sings along with songs now and it's precious. Most recently: "I will rriiiiise" with Chris Tomlin on KSBJ on the drive home from school.
-She's still obsessed with Shamu weeks after our Sea World trip. She talks about his jumps and splashes non-stop.
-She amazes me everyday with knowledge that she is just soaking up from the world around her. She told me just the other day that we were driving in a "forrest."
-"Toy Story" is her favorite movie, and "Blues Clues" and "Fresh Beat Band" are her favorite shows.
OK, here are some cute pictures! There are a TON more wonderful pictures of many more people that were able to make it out, so check out the Snapfish album, too: http://www2.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=5689928013/a=89282753_89282753/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/

Starting off the weekend with cupcakes at school for the birthday girl on Friday!

My sweet birthday girl on the actual day of her birth: 9/25.

Arriving at the zoo for her birthday party! Sporting one of the party favors, the animal sunglasses:

The hit of the morning: the cupcakes MiMi ordered!

One of Ada's BFF's from school, Chloe! The other Tigerland friends we invited didn't make it- most of them were home sick with a nasty bug that's been going around school. :(

Kendra and Luis made it!!! (Despite the fact that I'd accidentally booked the party on the Texans vs. Cowboys home game which we all had tickets to... that really meant a lot to me that they came!)

Deep conversation with Uncle Drew.

Her favorite Great-Grandma, MorMor!!!

My shabby job of painting her face like a zebra....

Ada and Bella making up their own game....

Ada and Bella, future Aggie roomies!
Daddy leaving to make it to the Texans game... a little apprehensive because he is taking all of her presents!
Carousel rides for everyone! Probably Ada's favorite part of the day!
Exploring the zoo....
Ada and MiMi:
Riding in her new wagon with her friend Knox- not sure what happened to her lenses!
Again- many people didn't make the blog- check out the Snapfish album or my facebook page! I'm in a lazy-blogger phase and I didn't feel like uploading any more pictures!!! :)

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

I can not beleive this little girl is two. SWEET GIRL! I am so glad she had such a good time! I sooooo wish we could have been there. Looks like she raked it in pretty good on the gifts too! :-) Nice work mama!