Sparkly Shoe Shenanigans

Most of you know that Ada is a S-H-O-E girl. Shoes, tutus, and bows. And stuffed animals. But this post is about her shoe fetish. We went to Target on Wednesday to piddle around, and of course walked out with about $40 worth of toddler clothes- including a pair of "shiny shoes" that were adorable. See picture below of "Before school" shoes. So Ada spoke all night of her "shiny shoes," and couldn't wait to wear them to school on Thursday. So we picked out an outfit revolving around the shoes. And Ada was as excited about the "shiny shoes" as she gets about her boots. So I leave her happy and proud, and I am glad she will have a great day at school...

So I get a message around 10 am from one of the girls at school saying she "shiny shoes" were getting glitter everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Like someone sprinkled glitter intentionally all over the carpet. Which can't happen. The kids in that room sleep on mats on the floor for naptime, play on the floor all day, and are still prone to eating and licking things on the floor....

Of course they had to take the shoes away, and Ada lost it. Now, I'm usually a pretty hard, strict Mom. I don't like to give in to toddler crap- and I'm all about Ada learning to deal with frustration, not getting her way, etc. However, this KILLED ME! I couldn't stand knowing that she was feeling so devastated about having her "shiny shoes" taken away for reasons she didn't understand!

So I told my principal the entire story. He let me leave school, run to the mall, and buy her a newer, improved version of her "shiny shoes" to take up to school for her to wear. See the "After school" picture below. These are better than "shiny shoes." They are "SPARKLY SHOES!" Ada loves them more, and hasn't asked for the old pair since! :) (These are sequence, not glitter- that is sewn on individually, so there is NO shedding sparkles everywhere!)
On an even happier note, Ada's teachers at school MADE her a TON of bows for her birthday! She wore one of them for her birthday (see post below about her zoo party- it's the hot pink and zebra bow!); and she came home one day with 3 pigtails and 3 diferent bows! We LOVE her teachers, and they LOVE Ada!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

AH! I love these shoes! Both pair! What an awesome principal you have to let you go get her new shoes! Ada cracks me up with with her obsessions she has :-) A girl who knows what she wants!