Ada's New-and-Improved Big Girl Bed!

Grams and PaPa offered to buy Ada a bigger, better big girl bed that could last her much longer than her current "big girl bed" (which is essentially just another crib I purchased when I re-did her room, and used as a toddler bed instead of a full crib). I knew I was dead set on a daybed (her room now is not huge, nor will it be in future homes, probably)- and I always thought they were "cool" when I was younger (ok, even in High School) because they were kind of like your own sofa in your room! This one has a trundle for when guests spend the night (ie: MiMi, MorMor, future little girl friends!)- and I will probably pee my pants the day it arrives! I LOVE IT! I'll post more pictures when it's assembled in her room, I'm sure. :) Thanks AGAIN, Grams and PaPa!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Wow this is FANCY!!! Is this from Pottery Barn??!?!?! I LOVE IT!!! I want one for my room! What an awesome gift for Casey's parents to give Ada!