What a Weekend!

We had an AWESOME weekend around here at The Dowell house! Here it goes:

I've had a few fuzzy ideas about what I wanted to do with Dax's safari room since I bought his bedding a few months ago (http://thedailydowell.blogspot.com/2010/10/18-weeks-preggo.html), and honestly that DRIVES me insane to have a creative idea just laying dormant in my head. I've been itching to get my left hand moving and right-side of my brain working. :) Which I FINALLY found some time to do Saturday and Sunday- and here are the finished products! They are still taking up the entire garage getting nice and dry, so I'll post pictures of them in his room soon:

I am really happy with the canvas behind the letters (which if you know me, you know is uncommon- I am RARELY happy with anything I paint!) - I might paint another and leave it plain for somewhere else in the house.
I found these animals as templates at Hobby Lobby! So painted them up, glued them to canvases (with a big D-A-X on them), and oila! Actually it wasn't that easy- the lion's face and the elephant's tusks just about killed me. In fact, the tusks are still awful! The giraffe is my fave.
Then, we had a slumber party at MiMi's! We went to dinner with The Schilhabs (love them!), and Ada will probably stay with MiMi a day or two when Dax is born, so we thought we'd go for a test run. She had a blast (of course), and got to put her Rapunzel SUITCASE to use! :)
Walking up to MiMi's door:
Earlier in the day- rolling the Rapunzel suitcase everywhere. This is at Lowe's, and later on to the Sprint store.
Speaking of the Sprint store, I got a new phone! I had some birthday money burning a hole in my wallet- and I'd been watching this one for a while waiting for the price to come down! So, here it is, in all its glory. The HTC Evo- it's AMAZING and I LOVE IT and now Casey is going to get one, I think!

And the best part of the weekend is.... it's not over yet! Ada and I get a three-day weekend for MLK Day!

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Ummmmmm can I please borrow your creativity for just an hour or so so I can get this kids room done?!?! I LOVE the alphabet canvas! Ive seen those on etsy for like 60 bucks! So cute!