Another Day Down...

Well, another day of potty training down. And even more successful than yesterday! Only 3 pairs of panties all day- and no accidents at all this afternoon! She had a teeny tiny poop, but wasn't able to manage to get it all out. But hey, she recognized she needed to go and make it to the potty! :) (TMI, sorry. It's my blog, and I'll blog what I want!) And, other than finishing off that poo at naptime (in a diaper, which I changed before she fell asleep), she was pretty much dry when she woke up! (And I'm not EVEN working on sleepy time potty training. She can wear a pull up to bed until she's 8 for all I care.)

No pictures of a cute bottomless girl on the toilet today. Instead, it's of the Daxter inspecting the dog on his exersaucer. I can't get enough of either of these kiddos!

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Megan said...

good luck with the potty training! it sounds like Ada is doing well! I didn't nighttime train either. I totally was going to let them sleep in pull ups forever. They told me they were big boys and it was time to sleep in underwear when they were 3 1/2! I was shocked!