Oh, you know... just some random stuff to post.

MorMor came over today- and I snapped this picture of she and Dax. I LOOVE it! We LOOOVE MorMor! :)
We hosted the playdate at our house this week- and we put a babypool under the slide. Ada can't get enough of it-

RACING to get back up the ladder to slide again-

Dax had his friend Asher over to play, too! They slept much of the time- but when they were awake, they talked and giggled at each other for a while!

Dax loves TV- I try so hard to keep his eyes off of it (it's not good for their brains, you know)... but he will squirm and turn and watch any chance he gets.

Dax and Ada watching Monsters, Inc in the same position, ha!

Some other random Dax pictures- Dax in the bumbo (3 months)

Loving tummy time (3.5 months)

And potty training is still semi-successful! We haven't regressed or given up... but we are pretty stagnant. But I'll take it- she can pretty much hold it until I make her go sit on the potty. (Except for poopies- we've had 2 accidents. Gross. But she DID make it to the potty today mid-accident and finished pooping in the potty!) She still really does not want to initiate a potty trip herself. Way too boring and time consuming. But we are no longer afraid of outtings- I trust that she can hold it! :) Here we are on an "outting" to McDonald's for some ice cream.


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