Me: "Do you need to go potty?" (Pretty much every 5 minutes for the past week. Typically, the answer is "Noooo... I don't want to go potty.")

Ada: "Yes, I need to go potty." (I'm already taken aback at this moment, for the simple reason that she is being agreeable about it.)

We proceded to sit there in silence for a bit, and then I heard it! Plopping!!! I got so caught up in the excitement I told her she was getting a present for pooping in the potty... even though I had decided to make this potty training experience more of an "expectation" than ways to earn gifts.

Her gift was that Snow White she'd already found and longed for months ago (remember this? http://thedailydowell.blogspot.com/2011/05/lol.html) ... so of course she wanted to watch Snow White. Which is when I realized it'd been accidentally deleted from the DVR. So, now, I have promised her another gift for the next time she poops in the potty- the actual Snow White movie! D'oh!

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