Dax- 4 Months

NO, he's not 4 months old! Yes, he is. And he just gets more adorable, awesome, amazing with each month.

Ada has nick-named him "nushooginah"... I have NO CLUE what it means, where she got it, or what she may be *trying* to say. But it is seriously sticking. Sorry, Daxy!

He's starting to occasionally roll over the opposite way- but it's usually more of a knee-jerk reaction to rolling his normal tummy-to-back. He's not crazy about laying on his back, and I think he realizes that mid-roll; and must get back to his tummy ASAP!

He can sit semi-unsupported for extended periods- if he would just quit wanting to crawl so bad that he throws himself forward! This kid is constantly trying to devise ways to be mobile. Which I do not like. I don't like it one bit!

He'll giggle if you act really silly or tickle him- and still very smiley. But he also has a very serious side if he's learning something new, studying an item or person, or is simply thinking. (About what? I'd like to know!) Much different from Ada, who was content to just make herself laugh! :)

He's getting re-accustomed to his carseat- it is no longer the bain of his existence.

He lllooooves to read- he'll sit still and listen and watch me read to him for up to 20 minutes sometimes. So cute!

Here are pictures from our 4 months monster photoshoot! Love this baby boy with all my heart!

Here he is lunging forward out of a perfectly fine seated position-


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Haffner's World said...

He is so stinkin cute!!!! I could eat him up!!! Love those chunky cheeks!