Dax- 12 Months

Dax is going to be 12 months old on Friday.  That's 1 year.  365 days.  I cannot get over it!!!  I'm posting this a little early because things are HECTIC around here this week- add to that planning the coolest Monster Bash birthday party for Saturday, and doing a furniture redo of sorts for Dax's big birthday gift (post to come!)- I was worried I'd miss his 12 month monster photoshoot.  And that would be UNACCEPTABLE!!!  

Dax is becoming quite the handful to keep up with- but always with a smile plastered on his face, and a punchline to some joke in mind that he can't quite verbalize.  He is WALKING like a maniac, nodding "yes" and "no" to questions, and trying to be funny on purpose.  (Usually by head butting or playing a vigorous game of peek-a-boo!)  He *adores* Ada, and Ada is such a sweet big sister.  

I know there were a ton of things I've been taking a mental note of this month to include in this post, but I can't think of any of them at the moment.  Of course!  Here are his pictures from this month's monster photo shoot:

 And, here is his progression from month 1.  Oh dear Lord, I love him.  My throat is getting tight just looking at these!

I'll post about his birthday as soon as it happens! ;)

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