MiMi & Steve Get Hitched!

Shoot.  Disclaimer:  most of the photos of the entire family were taken by my one and only Aunt Andi!  :)  I forgot to give credit where credit was due when I originally wrote this post! 

FIRST of all, let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST, CUTEST, FUNNIEST, MOST ADORABLE LITTLE BOY IN THE WORLD!!!  Daxydoodle is 1 today- WOW!  His Monster Bash is tomorrow, and I'll blog about it all then!  

We spent today not only celebrating Dax's first birthday, but at MIMI & STEVE'S WEDDING!!!!!  I couldn't be happier for my mom and Steve, and to add Steve and his 2 amazing kids Audrey and Eric to my family.  I absolutely love and adore my new bigger and better family.  :)

Funny story: Steve used to be my uncle.  No, you pervs, they're not related!  My mom was married to Don, and Steve was married to his sister.  They've both been divorced from them for a very long time- and *finally* decided to meet up last summer- and the rest is history!  I sure wish they'd done it sooner- I've *always* said to my mom she should date Steve (because I remembered him being AWESOME!  And funny!  And NICE- that's key!).  So here we are, all joined by marriage and the pictures to prove it!!!
Ada ADORES "MiMi & Shteve", so was super pumped about going to their wedding today!
The birthday boy, hanging with daddy during the ceremony.

Ada getting a tad restless during the vows...

Ada, entertaining herself during the ceremony...

Ada, running circles around MiMi and Steve during their vows.

Ada, proud because she'd made me laugh when I was trying to be stern.
I love them!
After the preacher asked my mom if she'd "take Steve to be her wife."  Ummm...

You may kiss the bride!
They are so happy!!!

My new siblings Audrey & Eric!

The Andersons, 1 Purdy, and 1 Dowell.  :)

OMG I love him.  He was such an angel today!

My sweet girl running wild and free.  She was also a total sweetheart today- I couldn't have asked for more well behaved kiddos.  Thank God!

Us again, plus more Dowells.

I like this picture of me, so I'm including it.  Plus, I had a lot of fun hanging out with Eric at our super nice lunch afterwards today, so that makes me sound less vain.  Ha!  (Seriously, though, we are as similar as two people can get that are over a decade apart in age, and different genders.)

Typical us!

The originals.  We've been through a lot of $h!t together, and I think I can say we've finally got a happy ending in the works.


Amy said...

Sweet pictures. Congrats to ur wonderful mother ad Jappy Bday Dax!

Megan said...

Congratulations to your family! Everyone looks so happy!

Corlis said...

Your most made me cry Moesha! Love you and your new family so much!