Phone Pix Dump

I am stealing my friend Tiffany's (from Another Texas Family) title from a recent blog post where she just "dumped" all of her pictures taken with her phone over the last -however-long.  Brilliant!  I'm going to make this a semi-scheduled post theme so I can share the pictures that I capture most often- on the fly with my phone!

Houston, we have a climber-
This was the day after his ear drum burst.  And, I thought this was so crazy in the moment (he just hiked his little leg up on that table and hoisted himself up!)- but he's proven me quite wrong since.  
He attempts to climb everything.  Today he fell off of the back of the couch- onto the kitchen tile. 
This was literally after only 2 seconds of being unattended.  And "unattended" doesn't even count.  
Casey was sitting on the floor right in front of the couch, and Dax had JUST crawled up to the couch at all.  
I thought I was going to puke, after witnessing the last half of his fall.  But he somehow contorted his body so he landed smack on his rear-end in a sitting position.  After a small whimper he hopped up and ran off...

Climbing the big kid slide!  Evidence why we haven't been able to go to Chick-Fil-A since about February- because this is ALL he wants to do on the playground.  But there always seems to be some fat 6 year old playing like a wild banshee- so I feel uncomfortable letting him loose to climb the slide on his own.
(And I'm sure not going to crawl up and down after him!)

Ada watering the roses yesterday while we played outside ALL DAY!  (Seriously one of the best days we've had in a LONG time.  Loved every second of this weekend!)
Her words exactly:  "I love you flowers!  I will give you water and sunshine, ok!?"

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