Christian's 25th Injury Anniversary

My Uncle Christian has been a quadriplegic for 25 years today- he is such an amazing person who has supported us, consoled us, listened to us, cared for us, laughed with (and at) us, enjoyed us, and loved us.

I was so young when his accident happened (a freak accident in a softball game while in the Navy- I think he was 19?  20?)  that I only have a handful of memories of him before he was paralyzed- all of which involve coloring at Grandma and BawBaw's coffee table.
I think I'm about 5 in this picture?  My timeline is all fuzzy.   

Oh, my Alf doll!!!
I adored spending the night with Christian and Andrea my entire childhood.  I loved wheelchair rides. I loved to ask him to speed full force ahead in his chair and "stop at a jerk"- which he would ALWAYS just slowly roll my way and stop right at my feet (since I was the jerk, lol!).  He bought me my first cell phone and paid for my service all through college so I would feel safe.  

I don't slumber party with them anymore- I don't even spend much time over there these days- but I still love him more than anything.  I am amazed at what he's survived, been through, and come out even more kick-ass on the other side.  
Love you, Christian!!!

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