Tubes In, Adenoids Out

Daxy's surgery is officially a thing of the past! :) He had his adenoids removed and tubes inserted today- and I am so looking forward to him enjoying the life of a WELL child!  Once we get any allergies sorted out, he'll be a new man. :)

Before we get to the pictures, THIS POST is one I wrote about Ada's tubes & adenoids when she was just a few months older than Dax! Cute to reminisce.  
Checking in to the surgery center.  This place didn't cater to pediatrics as much as Texas Children's does, and Dax was a total trooper!
They were behind schedule, and he was fasting (and wanting a boob just for fun, too)- but still by far the happiest baby in the waiting room.
He enjoyed climbing on the vast selection of chairs, benches, tables, and stools.  I love this boy!

Rolling back to surgery in a cool red wagon!  The nurse had taken him on a few test runs around the intake area while I talked to the anesthiologist- making sure we'd discussed all 652 medicines he's currently taking.
So when they were pulling him back for the real deal, Casey, the nurses, and I all stood waving at him- and he just waved at us with a HUGE smile plastered on his face saying "buh-bye!  buh-bye!" as he was whisked off through the double doors.  Melted my heart!!!

Sooo...we were a LITTLE belligerent waking up from the anesthesia.  As in, couldn't be held down by 3 grown nurses.  He was, like, possessed.
Thrashing, levitating, roaring.
Ripping at his IV.
Banging his head repeatedly on the bed.
He wouldn't even come-to enough to nurse.  Daddy picked up him eventually and he immediately calmed down, laid his head down, and passed out.  They're buds.  :)

So now we are home and religiously giving Tylenol every 4 hours.  He's being a total sweetheart, but clearly uncomfortable and a little exhausted.  MiMi is staying the night so she can stay home with him tomorrow while I go to work- I'm jealous I can't stay here with them and play!!  :)

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