Father's Day Camping Trip!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads in our lives!!!  

I had NO idea what to get Casey for Father's Day this year.  
So I went out on a limb and planned a family camping trip, 
which he's been talking about doing for years now.  
Well, he's technically just been talking about camping with Ada in the backyard, 
so I thought I'd go the extra mile. :)

So I worked for DAYS (seriously, with 2 rambunctious kids and a full-of-fun summer schedule, 
it took me days) to prep, plan, and pack for the trip- 
and this is what Casey came home to after work on Friday afternoon:
 Casey stumbled across the website for this camp site a few months ago.  
It's really close to Cypress (Waller), and targets the younger audience (say, 2-15).
It's called Jellystone Park- as in Yogi, BooBoo, & the gang!
If you're interested in going anytime soon, and would prefer a cabin to a primitive tent site (ahem, me)- book NOW.  The cabins are completely booked until mid-August!  

Here are some pics from the trip- you're going to die when you see all that this place has to offer. 
We didn't have enough time to squeeze everything in!
Playing with play-doh while Daddy throws some steaks on the grill after arriving.
(Yes, I packed those!  I even rubbed them with Casey's favorite Paula Dean rub.)
 They have an outdoor "movie theatre"!

They have a stocked "lake" for fishing!  Ada pretty much mastered casting and reeling, it was adorable.

She caught a plastic fish! :)
 We (attempted) to play baseball-

They have a little water park!  They are in the middle of constructing a splash pad (for babies), but it won't be ready until later this summer.
Ada was so brave- she headed straight for the water slides and we're lucky we ever saw her again!

The "big kid" water slide- that both of mine couldn't get enough of!  We had to have gone down this thing 100 times.

Waiting in line for the big slide.

Coming down the big slide!  He giggles and squeals the whole way down.  The last few rides, I taught him how to ride with his hands up in the air like a roller coaster. :)


Quick snack break at adult swim!
 More snack breaks at the camp site!  With a little arts and crafts thrown in. 
 (They have a WHOLE Arts and Crafts Center that hosts little activities periodically through the day!  We never made it, but it sounded cute!)

We played putt-putt!

Cheering sister on.  She made a hole-in-one on one of the greens!
(Not this one, but it seemed like an appropriate place to brag about that.)

We met Yogi! 
(Then promptly visited the tourist center to purchase Yogi and BooBoo stuffed animals.)

We got time-outs.
This is at home today, but I had to post.  Yes, he's laughing.

Time out after a meltdown on hole 7 at putt-putt.
I love this girl so much my heart is going to pop, even when she's being a turd!!
 We wore ourselves out.  

We actually made a last minute decision on night 2 to finish out the day, 
and pack up and return home for bath and bedtime instead of braving a second night of camping.  
Our kids thought the tent and air mattress set up was to create a bounce house for their amusement.  Bedtime was not fun- Dax passed out mid-jump about 10:45pm.

I have never been SO happy to bathe in a clean shower and sleep in this soft bed!  
The last thing I remember on Saturday night is discussing with Casey 
if we should read or watch a movie at 8:30pm.
I know I'm missing some attractions- but you get the idea!  This place is the real deal!


Matt said...

This looks like a ton of fun!

The Hills said...

Glad you posted, I was thinking of going there!! I have a friend that took a girl scout troop a few weeks ago and they loved it!