Photo Dump :)

We've been living it up lately :)

 Ada plays on her scooter from Santa ALL the time- this day it was her "pet pony", and she'd also dressed it up in a coordinating pink cocktail dress to her own.

Ada and Dax sat on the couch for a solid 10 minutes discussing Ada's participation trophy from the Fall 2012 Soccer season.  They discussed that it was heavy, that it would break on the hard floor, the ball and the foot, the color, and then soccer in general.  It was adorable.  And music to my ears!

Not sure if you know, but Dax is obsessed with Ada's things.  Especially her girly things.  Pink sparkle Toms.  Jewelry.  Lip gloss. And lately he's begun wearing her headbands around...
My little snaggle tooth!
 We had a small break from the rain and cold weather this week, so we played outside for hours the other day.  Mostly play-doh, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles.  

"I was going to draw a triangle.  But it looks like it turned into corn instead." -Ada
 We rented a U-Haul on Saturday to pick up an armoire that I bought on Craigslist.  My truck obsessed son wouldn't get out!  (Pictures of the armoire coming in the next post!)

 Family pleasure cruise around the block (twice) in the U-Haul.  They were still, quiet, and cooperative for at least 7.5 minutes!  
I will need a larger vehicle at some point- and I'm now considering a moving truck if they are this well behaved in them.

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