The Finished Study

And by "finished" study, I really mean "no-longer-the-armpit-of-the-house" study.

Remember these lovely BEFORE shots from THIS post about our new house, the decor, and the projects?
Embarrassing. This is what you see as soon as you step in the front door!
Well, thanks to my new ultra- 90s armoire I purchased from Craigslist, I can proudly post a picture of the cleaned up war zone!
Much better.
Sighs with relief.
I love it!  Thankfully it was already white, so I didn't have to lift a finger to deal with it.  
Well... Casey, Steve, and Drew had to lift fingers to move it; but I personally lifted no fingers.

The armoire in all its glory!  Although I can totally picture this piece in a room decorated with pastel seashells and pink and green water color paintings in 1992- I still LOVE it!  
It is exactly what I was looking for.  
Casey had to REALLY bite his tongue when he found out how what I'd bought- but he just couldn't visualize it in our house.  But (of course), I was totally right.  It's perfect.
Notice the hidden shelf to the left- perfect place to stash computer paper, cardstock, and laminating sheets.
That's right, laminating sheets.  All I asked for for my birthday was a laminating machine, and CHA-CHING!  My mommy got me one! :)
 I will one day become a Pinterest sensation when I 
formulate the perfect solution to organizing this junk.  
But for now, I am patting myself on the back for being able to shove it all in there without breaking it.
I blogged about our old study organization HERE a few years ago- although I love and miss that peg board, I am going for something a little more grown up now. 
I am 30 after all.  :)

Hey, I know where everything is.  That's all that matters.

Oh yeah, here are those fabric covered canvases I briefly discussed!
Again, get on your phone and pull up the Hobby Lobby 40% coupon.  
Purchase the most massive canvas you can find. 
Return 2 more days and purchase more canvases. (You can only use the coupon once per trip)  
Find some fabric you like (These were all clearance outdoor fabrics at Joanne's, but I also like the "duck" fabric at Hobby Lobby- which is typically pretty inexpensive)- 
and get yourself at least 2 yards of each.
CAREFULLY align and cover- I used a staple gun. 
Perfectionism is not in my nature, so this was difficult for me.

A beautiful view of the Northwest corner of the house :)

And here I sit, blogging about it all!

Oh, and I lied a few posts ago when I said I was done crafting for at least a month.  
We are going to Lowe's after nap time today for foam insulation board 
to paste these Staples engineer prints to- 
and make a massive black and white wall for the staircase.  
I'll post AFTER pictures soon!
UPDATE: it's finished!  See it HERE.


Knox said...

That is awesome! I am a teensy bit jealous! And I am quite impressed that you got things in without breaking something and that you can close the door but it still looks good enough to post a picture of the inside. Way to go! And I clicked the link to the "old" study. The pegboard did kind of rock. Playroom? Our playroom may need something like that. And dare I say I spied a cute Muno Knox???

Alicia said...

Knox!!! YOU DID! I painted that for YOU, like, 2 birthdays ago!!! And have yet to ship it. You're probably over Yo Gabba Gabba now anyway. I'm a terrible friend!!!

Knox said...

Awwwwww! It's totally the thought that counts! It's super cute and we still have the stuffed dudes so sometime I will see you and if you still have it we'll add it to the picture collage that will one day adorn the playroom walls :)

ALSO you inspired me to update the Knox blog for the fan and include our house projects on it! Pretty sure it will only be updated bi-monthly at 2 in the morning but one can dream, right?