Photo Dump

Some cute pictures from my phone throughout the week :)

Wearing mommy's cheap sunglasses for playing outside-

Below are some of the Valentine's the kids handed out.  
Daddy got some cute "punny" things throughout the week, too! 
They had so much handing out their cards/gifts to their friends this year.

Dax especially had a blast with Valentine's- he handed out his cards to his play-date friends, his gymnastics class, and his Sunday School class (saying "HERRREE!" every time).  
Only one kid was also giving out Valentine's, and it meant so much to him to get it.  
He was still talking about his "heart cookie" from Georgia that night at bedtime!  
Brought tears to this hormonal preggo's eyes. 
I think his "love language" might be Gifts. :)

 The kids need nothing.  Want for nothing.  So they got embroidered towels.  
(3 each- Ada's are all the same, and Dax's third is a shark towel)
Ada was a little disappointed (she wasn't a brat about it, but I could tell- and she casually mentioned how awesome it would be to get balloons for Valentine's Day)- 
so I went out and got them balloons, too.  
I couldn't resist the sweetness!
 $3 of balloons have provided more entertainment than a $15 stuffed animal for sure. :)


Spiced up ponytail- 

 Ada's class picture from Sonshine.  I adore her!!!  
Her absolutely best friend at school is Eli- the little boy in the center of the bottom row with the black backpack still on.  
Doesn't he look fun!  Just like my girl.  :)

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