Ada's First Tee-Ball Game!

Oh. Holy. CUTENESS!!!!!  Ada is giving tee-ball a shot this Spring, and so far seems to be enjoying it much more than the rough, contact sport of Fall soccer (see THIS post).  Plus she's pretty much the most adorable thing I've EVER seen in her uniform!  

She's the only girl on her team- and she's really working hard and playing well!  
She's totally picking up the game and enjoying herself (which never really happened with soccer). :)

Here she is on the bench, about to be on deck to bat!

Batter up!  Getting tips from Daddy before her at-bat debut. :)

She hit the ball both times she was up to bat!
The first time she chased after her own ball and handed it to the pitcher!  
My heart probably exploded.

So, after setting the record for "first player to tag themselves out" for her first bat, 
she really focused on "running like a cheetah" to first base after hitting the second time!  
She made it to first- then second- then here she is sprinting to third!  
She really did run so fast- I think Daddy's cheetah reference really helped her understand just HOW fast she should be trying to go. :)

A little baffled at the third base coach's energetic behavior...

And you've got to get a family picture after an hour of such cuteness!
Attempt #1-

Attempt #2-

Attempt #3- Score!

I adore these two!  
(Plus brother, who was already strapped in his carseat!  But did a great job cheering for big sister the whole game)

Cute Ada-ism: we were hanging around finishing up our snacks as the the next teams were showing up for the following game... and Ada shouted "SORRY!  THE GAME IS ALREADY OVER!!"


Haffner's World said...


Haffner's World said...

Also...a little worried about you squatting in those family pictures...

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

I was going to comment on Facebook but I died from cuteness overload... then I came back to life and am now able to comment on your blog... LOVE THIS POST! :-)