Hilarious Things My Kids Said Today

Me: doctoring a cut on Ada's finger.
Ada: mom!!  IS THAT ANT POISON!?!?

These are random statements by Dax in his carseat- the only time he's still enough to talk much.

Dax: A fly is in the car. I don't want him give me a sunburn.

Dax: I need daddy's wrench.

Dax: I don't like tape.

Dax: I want my door OPEN.

Dax: A spider web would make my tongue sticky.

Dax: My hair is not blonde.
Me: What color is it then?
Dax: It's hairy.

Then we went on a walk where Ada's wheel popped off- so I had to walk about a mile carrying it while Ada pushed Tate and Dax stopped at every.single.house to look at their Halloween decor- loved it though! 

Tate fell asleep snuggling with Ada :)
And the latest at Monogram Cafe- now that game day tanks and sorority bid day orders are slowing down I'm able to play around a little! 

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