Bridgeland Howlaween Fest

This weekend. This is why we moved here. In addition to the crazy awesome kid friendly amenities, and crazy awesome neighbors, Bridgeland goes all out and throws these festivals twice a year that are completely spectacular. Nature fest in the spring had a crocodile encounter, a monkey show with some famous monkey tamer dude, and acrobats/ aerialists. Howlaween fest is centered around the dogs. Magic show, dog costume contest, a million bouncy houses, little dog shows, a pumpkin patch, etc. Such a crazy but fun day!

Dax the robot and Ada as Elphaba from Wicked! She will have her face painted green on Halloween, but wanted to keep a clean slate in case there was facepainting  there! (Which there was)
Murphy dressed as a prisoner. A prisoner in his own backyard.

2 adults 2 kids 1 baby and 1 dog on 2 bikes :)
Robot drives a fire truck!

Face painting-
Dax insisted on a green robot :)

Painting pumpkins- love all of the picture attempts, couldn't decide on just one :)

Witches and robots enjoy inflatables too!

Mommy and Tay-Tay-
Walking Murphy around-
Notice Dax had been gradually disrobing. Watch for more. 

Making wax hands-

Heading home! It got too hot for Halloween costumes. 

I love them so much!

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